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Reflections of life's bounty
In shadows on a breeze
Clouds roll by so softly
The veil of fog proceeds

Astounding just to see it
Filter through the sky
Watching as it dances
Like life is passing by

Thoughts of life encompass
Emotions soon arise
Do you see them clearly
What is it you surmise?

For me I see a moment
That seems to haunt me so
Suddenly I realize
I have to let it go

So fog may block a vista
But clarity is there
Truth be told of shadows
Always clears the air

Know that you'll discover
That vision soon arrives
Your spirit's new emergence
When heart and soul survives.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright May 30, 2003


This beautiful memorial cross was given to me from Glenda.

Thank you Glenda

Thank you Moira

Thank you Saralyn Smith

Thank you Beth Hall

Thank you Sue!

Thank you Stacey!

Thank you Stacey!

Thank you Saralyn!


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